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Wet Bed Gang – Multiusos de Guimarães

Date: December 07, 2023
Time: 22:00
Location:Multiusos de Guimarães
Price: From 24€ to 28€
Target Audience: M6
Organised By: CV MUSIC

Wet Bed Gang perform for the first time at Multiusos de Guimarães.
This is the debut of the hip hop group from Vialonga in the biggest venue in Guimarães.
The Wet Bed Gang are Kroa, Gson, Zizzy and Zara G., the spokespersons for a song that combines the strength of ancestry with the irreverence of rap that has led a group of friends to become one of the biggest music phenomena in Portugal. More than a unique sound, Wet Bed Gang represent the mix, the multiculturalism and the encounter between Africa and Europe.
From 2013 to the present day, much has happened in the group’s history. From the first songs to EP IV (2018), which gives a unique voice to each of the members of the Wet Bed Gang – where they mirror their talent and essence – which merges into the super hits “Devia Ir” and “Mesa Oito”, with more than 57 million views on Youtube between these.
In 2021, the group’s first album, Ngana Zambi, whose true meaning, translated by Bonga, is: ‘the entity that encompasses an entire knowledge of being, of creation, of the power of originalities, of everything that is part of humanity.’
In 2023, The Gorilleyez Tour brings this show that promises yet another claim of the Wet Bed Gang movement, introducing the Gorilleyez project, which aims to satirize the context in which the animal was historically used as a racist throwing weapon. The gorilla now arrives in its true guise, noble and emancipated, through stories set to music, which honor tradition and raise the Wet Bed Gang flag as high as possible.
In December, this flag is hoisted in Guimarães, at the consecration of an unmissable concert on the 7th of December on the stage of great emotions.