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1. Cheguei 02:52
2. Din-Din-Din 03:09
3. Onda-Diferente 03:07
4. Invocada com Léo Santana 02:29
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She is already considered one of the greatest artists of Brazilian Pop Funk. Ludmilla, with only 24 years old, is taking Funk from Rio de Janeiro to all corners of the world.
Innovative, versatile and irreverent, these are characteristics that are reflected in his music and video clips.
Ludmilla is one of the artists with the most followers on Instagram, with around 18 million. She is one of the most popular pop singers in Brazil and Portugal, with several successful songs such as: “Cheguei“, “Te Ensinei Certin“, “Não Quero Mais“, “24 Horas Por Dia“, “Solta a Batida“, “Não Encosta“, “Din Din Din“, “Jogando Sujo“ and many more.
In 2020 she will rock the Portuguese stages!

Tour: Ludmilla 2022
Genres: Funk, Pop
Booking: CV Music