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Daniela Mercury

1. Ilê Pérola Negra 04:49
2. Nobre Vagabundo 03:56
3. Rapunzel 03:40
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“I want to see the world dance …”
Daniela Mercury has revolution and reinvention in her blood. She discovered that her path was music and at the age of fifteen she started performing in bars in Salvador.
Since then, she has made the Baroque party of crowds the opportunity to renew her artistic expression and in her international tours and presentations, she has become a kind of ambassador for Brazilian music and culture.
An artist with a magnetic personality, always striving for creativity,
social responsibility, and solidarity. Daniela Mercury comfortably strolls through musical diversity and still has the contagious joy and energy of those who are from Bahia.
Their live shows are a “force of nature”, full of energy, color, dance, creativity, irreverence and a lot of joy and people cannot miss their great successes of more than 30 years of career as Nobre Vagabundo; Canto da Cidade and Pérola Negra, among many other hits.

Tour: Daniela Mercury 2022
Genre: Samba
Booking: CV Music